Dusk & Shiver is an online literary magazine publishing indie dark fantasy, speculative, and horror short fiction. It was co-founded by the current editors, Crescenda Long and Ally Kersel, in 2018. After months of hard work and intercontinental coordination, we are extremely excited to finally launch with our first online issue in February 2019.

As an indie publication, D&S‘s goal is to provide a platform for new and upcoming authors. Above all else, we are fans and authors in these genres, too, and we are keen to use our little corner of the internet to promote our fellow writers.

Currently, Dusk & Shiver is scheduled to be a quarterly publication. We are planning on accepting submissions to supplement the amazing work of our staff writers in the next issue, and are also interested in potentially expanding outward into other artistic mediums — if you have something you might be interested in contributing, please check out the ‘Submit’ link at the top of the page for more information!

Thank you for your support! May there be many more fascinating and chilling months ahead. xx

Crescenda Long
co-founder, editor, & staff writer


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